15th Century Milanese alla Tedesca Armor


As part of my honors requirements as a student at Utah State University, I had to come up with a capstone project that encapsulated my entire undergraduate experience, provided in-depth research on a subject, and since I’m a theatrical design student, a unique design and comprehensive work-in-progress recording of the build process. I have always been infatuated with plate armor. It’s just supremely beautiful to me. I joined the Armored Combat Worldwide league a few years ago and have always wanted bright and shiny armor to fight in. So here are the WIP photos for that build. 

Computer Asset Rendering

Pulled together from various assets on Photoshop. This isn’t exactly how it will look. For example, the helm will not be painted and the visor will be different.


Taking from the asset rendering I knocked up a few changes and rendered the suit. This is more akin to what it will look like in the end.

Soft Kit Rendering

Under all armor is a soft kit that holds the armor to the body and provides a layer of padding against chafing and other potential armor damage. Rendered in photoshop with a mixture of altered assets and painting.