Assassin’s Creed-Brotherhood costume build


Long before I had taken an official patterning class I had heard through the cosplay community that you could make a duct tape cast of your body and make a dummy, and then drape pattern costumes on the mannequin. I decided to give that a go and I figured why not shoot for the moon. I made Ezio Auditore’s outfit from Assassins Creed Brotherhood. This costume was such an undertaking. Not only did I pattern almost 100 pieces I also learned how to do piping for for this project. There is literally piping between every panel of the bodice and even more on the skirt. This was the first time I had any notion of what cutting on the bias meant. Took me a couple months of continuous sewing, skulpting and leather work to finally get this gem done. I apologize to you fans of the game, I was not able to engineer the hidden blades.


I went through alot of fabric and paper getting these patterns drafted. You can’t see but there was also a couch to the left of this photo covered in pattern pieces too. 

Drape Patterning

When I started this project I thought drape patterning was something of a short cut to costume creation. I know now that its a method best saved for bias cut or drapy fabric costumes. Knowing what I know now about flat drafting I could probably do this costume 2x as fast and of better quality. 


I marked this fabric within an inch of its life. 

The Black Cork-Scew

The sleeves have this black cork screw feature to them, so I stitched the hems of each panel of the sleeve down to 1″ black strips of fabric. The weight of the sleeve pulled just enough on the unions that the black showed through perfectly

Laying Out the Pattern

I didn’t have a fancy cutting table for this project so I used my kitchen floor. 

Sleeve Stitched

I tried my hardest to get the diagonals to match up. For the most part I was successful.

Sleeve Sewn In.

Now that the sleeve is complete I stitched it into the bodice.

Yolk Pattern

The alternating white and Jacquard fabric was such a struggle. Sewing convex to concave shapes is a beast. 

Finished Yolk

Yoke Back View 2


Yolk Attached

Eagle Hood

in the game the hood is supposed to be indicative of an Eagle’s head. So I patterned the iconic triangular brim to protrude from the hood like a beak. 

Finished Hood


There were 10 different skirt panels. Each of them had to be lined and all of them had some formof border, trim or pipin gor all the above. 

Skirt Attached

Lining the Cape

Notice the same Jacquard fabric on the cape trim. 

Cape Attached

Sculpting Shoulder Armor

I’m using Apxie sculpt on alluminum base

Shoulder Armor Belt

Finished Shoulder Armor

Sculpting the belt

apoxie sculpt white. Took a hot minute to scupt this bad boy.


Painted and attached to belts.

FanX 2018


You can really see the shape of the eagle head in the hood.