Bias Cut Dress


I made this dress as part of the coursework for a pattern drafting class. Bias cut anything is a unique process because you dont flat pattern a bias cut dress, you have to drape it, otherwise how else would you know how it hangs on a body? I also had the opportunity to make this dress for a good friend of mine. I don’t love the fabric I chose, I wish it had more weight to it so that it would shape better. But in any case I am pleased to show you what I made. 

Drape Patterning 

The blue tape lines are the styles lines I had to follow 

Drape Patterning

Drape Patterning


First Fitting-Front


First Fitting-Back

Honestly I shouldn’t have done this fitting. The weight of the skirt that goes on here effects how it hangs. The fact that its not on at this point was an oversight on my part.


Final Product



prull stitch edging