Captain America Accessories


These were parts of my first cosplay that I ever made from scratch. Leather is a strong suit for me, if I CAN use leather I will. The leather is stitched together by hand, and the buckles are made with a cool technique that I learned from a fella on youtube. He makes home made plastic using paper, elmer’s glue, super glue and baking soda. Many layers of paper with Elmer’s glue in between each layer, then coated in super glue mixed with baking soda which creates a sort of plastic apoxy thats sandable and paintable. 


Harness Front View

Harness-Back View

Disassembled Utility Belt

I made this collapsible because I knew it would need to be storable. 

Assembled Utility Belt

Here you can see that pseduo plastic that i was talking about.

Steel Cap Shield

Painting this was actually the hardest part. Getting all the stripes masked off properly was the real issue. It required alot of patience because each layer of red and blue took an intermedieate wet sanding and at least three coats