Cassius Shoulder Armor-Julius Caesar


 I was the “armor specialist” for Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar so I was involved in multiple armor sets for our production. I only handled the shoulder cauldron on this armor, but I’m elated I could make it out of metal. At this point in the production I learned I could render in metal SIGNIFICANTLY faster Than I ever could in foam or warbla. The reason why behind that is in the time it takes to cut, form, prep and paint I can finish it in metal. But in the case of metal its sturdier, its cheaper, and its METAL! Which is really cool.


Design by Jess Wallace, the costume designer for this production.

Cutting Pattern Pieces

Used 18 gauge steel.


Dishing is basically exactly as it sounds. You hammer it inside of a dish until it takes on that shape

Armor Fitting

I had to make sure that it fit over the armor that Sallie had made



(minus painting the plastic chain)