A Christmas Carol Christmas Present Puppet


The Lyric Repertory Theater decided to do a Christmas show for the first time in a while. They opted for “A Christmas Carol” and brought in my mentor Dennis Hassan, a known puppet master, to make three puppets for the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. He pulled me in on Christmas Present after having worked closely together on the many puppets for Shockheaded Peter, a show that USU put on some years ago. The puppet is carved from styrofoam, vacuum formed and sculpted from various materials. Its approximately 12 feet tall and takes three people to operate.

Front View

I’m pleased with the antiquing paint job

Side View

thats a dollar store shield as the scale male.


Side View

You can kind of see the football pad base here

Back View

Those are painted googly eyes for the rivets



3/4 view