Digitigrade Stilts


So this project was a rousing success on what was actually supposed to only be a test run for a larger future costume. I was planning on making a giant minotaur one day but wanted to do REAL digitigrade legs. I’d seen multiple people build up their knees and add a prosthesis on the back of thier calf to fake the digitigrade look, but I never bought it. It always looked really cheap to me. So I did some digging and found that Weta Workshop in New zealand had crafted an aparatus that looked reasonably simple. I therefore decided to try and duplicate the process at home by using large PVC tubes, cut, heated and manipulated into place, coupled with square stock metal and some clever carpentry. I didnt expect this to actually work well. BUT THEY DO! THEY TOTALLY WORK! 


I actually got up on these the first time. Way steadier than normal stilts.