Don Carlos


This was a really exciting build. Costumers don’t always get to do a costume from start to finish. It’s not super efficient to do it that way. But I got to pattern, fit, and construct this garment in entirety from start to finish.  This character, Don Carlos, is from “A Flean in Her Ear” and the designer, Jordan Draper, wanted him to have something of a bull fighter-esque vibe to him. During this project I learned how to block a suit which is super useful I found out. It was of course no walk in the park, I had a really hard time when it came to the trim stage. The character also had to carry a gun in his pocket so I had to come up with a deep pocket that wasn’t over conspicuous. All considered I am elated with this product. 

Final Product

The detachable cape, jacket and pants were all patterned, sewn and finished by me. 

Pattern Drafting

plus ample seam allowance because pants are very tricky to get fitting right. 


I wish I had taken more photos of this process. 

Final Dress

Unfortunately this show never premiered because of Covid restrictions. We did our best to make it safe by having the actors wear made up masks as you can see in this photo but that unfortunately was not enough.