The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane

By Dwayn Harford and Kate DiCamillo

This show was completely and utterly charming. I had the wonderful opportunity to be Dennis Hassan’s assistant in the design of this project. Dennis is a very collaborative mentor and we’ve worked together on many projects. This show was heavily inspired by the work of Patrick Dougherty, a sculptural artist who makes outdoor sculptures out of willow branches and other various flora. I was a creative consultant, but primarily I built the model, and rendered all of the elevations in Vectorworks


The Finished Set

The sculptures were metal frames with painted pool noodles wrapped around them.

Scale “Dennis-Saur” Model

I like making models so directors have something to block with.

Front Elevation


Here you can see the stationary raked stage and the turn table

Ground Plans

The “dennis-aurs” as we came to call them, had several diffent configurations based on scene or scene change.