Four Panel Helm


This type of helmet is sometimes called a norman helm or a spangen helm. But in this case it was actually the test run for a larger project. I plan to make an exact replica of Theoden’s armor from the lord of the rings for my personal collection and I wanted to practice on some cheap material before I committed to a larger project. The Panels oare 20 gauge steel, the strapping is alluminum and the skirt is hand-tooled vegetan leather. 

4 Dished Panels

Lining Up the Panels

Tape Up


Alluminum Strap

This holds the four panels together indefinitely. I used pop rivets but in the future I plan to do peened rivets. Stronger.


Suspension Lining

Pig leather lined with rayon for extra strength.

Pop Riveting the Suspension Lining




Suspension Lining Added

Skirt Tooling

I made a stamp from metal and apoxie sculpt to get that exact pattern. Turns out the pattern is incorrect, but still pretty.

Added leather Skirt


Side view

Had I decided to finish this project (I wouldn’t have knowing I could do a better job) There would have been cheak plates and an occular piece.