Heater Shield


This monster is so heavy I actually had to cut a good 1/4 of the bottom off! Now I don’t know how accurate this is, but I am darn proud of the engineering here. I mean I highly doubt the medieval gents would have grabbed a router and recessed an area for the leather to sit in. But that leather isn’t goin’ ANYWHERE! No really I fought with this monster and it is a workout to hold up. I wish I had done 2 layers of ply and not 3. But aside from that I think its pretty cool.


1st 2 layers. 

Routed-Out Trough 

These troughs allow the leather straps to sit flat so the next layer doesn’t bulge or sit wrong. 

Adding a Pillow

A large amount of blunt force comes threw that shield, the pillow helps with that pain.

Leather Embellishment

Cuz, Why not right? I’m an artist I can’t help but make it pretty.


Painting a shield is a kid friendly project

Final Product

It truly looks better with armor on. No doubt.