Leather Holsters and Sheaths


I picked up leather working when I was getting my Boy Scout merit badge in leatherwork. I put it away for awhile until my oldest brother purchased a pistol and I decided to make him a leather, molded holster for it. Since then its lead to many different leather projects. Here are all the gun holsters, sheaths and scabbards I made before I thought to start cataloging all my work-in-progress photos. In the future, all projects will have their own gallery. 


Greg IWB .45 Revolver Holster

Friend of mine liked a holster I made so much he ordered this one from me that would conceal a beefy .45 revolver. I actually had to customer make those clips so it would sit right. 

Mario’s Backpack Holster

This holster was designed to attach to a backpack for outdoor trekking so you don’t have to wear it around your waist.  

Caleb Bersa holster

This is the holster I mention in the header. Made for my brother when he purchased a Bersa 9mm with an accompanying belt with his initials stamped in. 

James’ Fishin’ Gun

A friend of mine is always packin’ so I made him this little diddy for his ruger to take fishing with him.

Greg Revolver Holster

The client had a long barreled revolver equipped with a scope. No holster allows for a scope see we had to create an adjustable flap that could encase the entire scope, or if he removed the scope, cinch down and just keep the gun in place.

The Greg Revolver Holster

Heres how the weapon is supposed to be worn. 

Lauralee’s cuff holster

I had a friend who was joining the police force. I happened across some police-grade handcuffs in pink and made a holster to go with them for a Christmas gift. 

Lane’s Sheridan Open Carry 

Sheridan is that western floral pattern. I made this as an open carry, so I spared no detail on the decoration. 

Lane’s Sheridan Open Carry

Here is the back view of Lane’s open carry S&W 1911 style 9mm pistol. You can see where the belt is supposed to thread through. 

Kay Kay Special

I made this for a friend for Christmas to go in their bag or on their belt. 9mm S&W shield pistol. 

Tombstone Holster

Molded for a 9mm Sig sauer pistol and an extra magazine. .

IWB Smith&Wesson MP Shield holster

Actually made this one for my own weapon. It is specifically meant for concealed carry. Those loops thread through the belt and the weapon sits inside the waist band