Marc Antony Armor-Julius Caesar 


I was the “armor specialist” for Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar so I was involved in multiple armor sets for our production. I partnered with Rebecca Ashby on this project. It was a mod-podge of multiple disciplines. There’s leather, foam, warble, apoxie sculpt, fabric and a lot of paint. I had to be really clever with the closures because it had to be squick rigged but I really didn’t want the buckles to be visible. So all the buckles are on elastics so when you release them, they suck themselves under the armor. 


Design by Jess Wallace, the costume designer for this production.

Final Product


Front Breastplate Pattern

Sloper pattern altered into 7 lames, 2 of wish were cut in the end.

Front View

All the worbla lames riveted on leather stripes so that they articulate.



Hidden buckles

The buckles were on elastics so they hide well beneath the layers.

Added Paint

Final Fitting

Right before final paint