Leather Demi Gauntlets


A Demi-Gauntlet is a partial hand covering designed to cover and protect the top of the hand and the wrist. I started this project in the middle of the night when was suffering from a bout of insomnia. I eventually sold them to some friends in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and they use them for a type of armored combat. The basic process is once I’ve patterned and cut the leather pieces out, I first punch the stitching holes (Its pretty difficult to punch holes after its been molded). Then I have to soak them in warm but not hot water. I wet mold them over the hand, and let them air dry for a couple hours then I throw them in the oven at its lowest temperature and cook them until the water is all evaporated and result is a semi hardened molded piece of leather. Short of getting it wet again it retains its shape.

Added Knuckle plate

I molded this knuckle plate to add to the look. It doesn’t do much for protection but it sure looks cool.