Leather Scripture Case


My wife, before we were married, served a service mission for our church in Missouri for 18 months. While she was out there, She had a birthday and I made her this leather case for her scriptures. It’s vegetan leather with Sheridan floral patterning and a basket weave stamp. It also has a strap so she could carry it like a purse.

Prepped Vegetan Leather


Tooling WIP

Sheridan Pattern 

This is a classic western pattern. Those twisty flowers on the basket weave background

Tooling Pre-Dye


Dyed Black

Feibings USMC black alcohol dye, resolene finishing and a cotton buff

Finished Tooling

Added teh handle and Pink paint

Western Edging

This leather cord both decorates the edge but it also holds the zipper panel on.

Final product

My wife like pink so I painted her initials in Pink

Scripture Fit