L’Incoronazione Di Poppea

By Monteverdi

This was technically my very first film! Because of the pandemic we couldn’t perform like we used to, so when the opera decided they were going to do a film to protect the actors/singers, I felt VERY honored to be chosen as the costume designer. This was such an amazing experience. The director wanted to use a lot of modern elements around us, so we opted to change the time period of the Opera in favor of a more modern approach. We came at it from the fantastical perspective that the Roman Empire never fell and this is what the attire evolved into. I knew that because of the size of the cast, a lot of my designs would be altered quite a bit. We had to pull and alter almost everything due to budget and time restraints. What you see here is the general themes and silhouettes that we used for the whole show.


Poppea (Nightwear)

Poppea, the mistress to emperor Nero and the namesake of the opera.

Poppea (Coronation dress)

Poppea in her regal attire when she marries Nero. 

Emperor Nero

The emperor who is having an affair with Poppea


The Jealous wife of Nero that he puts away for Poppea


The man who loves Poppea and is hired to kill her by Octavia


The philosopher who advises Nero not to put away Octavia


Nero’s best friend. Most of the extras in the show were fashioned after this character

Roman Citizens

We made so many different versions of this look. Sort of a toga-cape of different colors with a stiff jacket style. 

La Fortuna

Goddess of fortune 


Goddess of Virtue.


The goddess of Love