Alex Arming Jacket


This was the most recent jacket I had made as of November 18, 2021. This is the jacket where started to be selective about the batting placement. See, in an arming jacket there are, shall we say, “high traffic areas.” Essentially, areas that get struck by weapons more than others such as the back and the shoulders. Furthermore there are areas that hardly get struck at all like the undersides of the arms and the chest. This jacket was a test run for the idea and it turned out wonderfully.


As always you start with a design. I did this on adobe photoshop with some borrowed assets and then I altered the colors. 

Final Product

Selective Batting

I learned these shapes by tailoring a suit once. They follow the natural contour of the body. When quilted, they lay well. without any steps or obvious lines where there’s another layer of batting. 

Pinning for quilting 

The Chevron Shape is hard to attain. You can draw the lines, but if you don’t pin properly the lines distort and you get wonkey lines. 

Back Panel

Forearm Closure. 

The lowest profile of closure is lacing. Eyelets help with that. 

Rerebrace Tie

A lot of armors have tie points on the arms so the rerebrace (bicep armor) can be tied to the jacket and not the shoulder armor. Its more maneuverable and comfortable. But there are different sizes of armor. Having multiple holes on the same point allows for adjustment in that regard.

Leather Tie Point

Usually I stitch all the way around the point for a more secure hold but when the cord innevitably wears out and breaks, its a beast to thread through the holes again. SO, instead its only stiched down at the top and the bottom. 

Side View

You can see the batting is heavier in the shoulders and the outside of the arms. 

Back View