A SChool for Scandal

By Richard Brinsley Sheridan

This play is hysterical. When I designed it I was really into the Tim Burton style of bombastic whimsy and accentuated macabre. Hence all the characters have ridiculous features. I imagine all their hair being foam wigs and wearing prosthetics to achieve the affect of farcical nonsense that the play embodies.


Lady Snearwell

Her giant purple farthingale, ridiculous hair, and pointy chin give her a very villainous pompous look. Marker on Bristol board

Joseph Surface

He looks like he’s been stretched, trying to give him a uppety, snobbish appearance. Marker on Bristol board

Sir Oliver and Snake

Oliver is military, and his giant hat and broad shoulders give him an authoritative presence. Whereas snake is wearing too large, hacked-up clothing and his wild hair and overbite give him a very sneaky appearance. Marker on Bristol board

Lord and Lady Teazle

Lady Teazle is all that her name implies. Her ample bosom draws Joseph to her and the silly shade of pink makes her look like she’s trying to be the desirable woman. Lord Teazle is obviously her senior and his giant forehead makes him look like he thinks too much. Marker on Bristol board

Charles Surface and Maria

Obviously the least extreme of all the characters. This shows them as the heroes and the most sensible characters. Her blue dress makes her seem calm and delicate and Charles’ red pants connote his riotous tastes.