The Little Prince

By Rick Cummins and John Scoullar

When I saw this play for the first time I knew I wanted to design it. It’s very charming and has a very good message. It was a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between my costume design and set/prop design abilities. I decided to design puppets to go with this show. Furthermore, these are a hybrid of drawing/painting/marker renderings and post-production in photoshop. I took the opportunity to stretch myself by changing the gender of the aviator and taking inspiration more from middle eastern sources rather than relying on the illustrated book.

The Aviators

The aviator on the left is the character of the aviator in the script. The three aviators on the right are taken from various periods of aviation (WWII, Bush pilot, jet fighter pilot) and they are the puppeteers for the various puppets in the show.

The Little Prince

This was taken from Indian and Persian inspirations.

The King of the Stars

This is a large puppet that is operated by one of the aviators

The Conceited Man

A large puppet operated by the three aviators

The Lamp Lighter

a Large puppet that is operated by the three aviators

The Fox

The fox is a puppet operated by the three aviators. 

The Snake

Large puppet operated by the three aviators.