The Moors

By Jen Silverman

This play could easily be a period piece. But with the whimsical nature of the mastiff and the moorhen I thought I might try something a little more brash. So this design is definitely period accurate. It’s loud. Almost absurd. But for a play that’s a blend of comedy and macabre…I think we all deserve a little absurdism. 



The head of the manor. The one who is actually writing letters to lure Emily. She hates weakness and it shows. Marker on Bristol Board


She is a governess who falls in love with Agatha while thinking she is actually falling for her older brother through pretty letters. Marker on Bristol board

The MoorHen

Skittish, clumsy bird who befriends the Mastiff. Marker on Bristol Board

Huldi (final scene outfit)

Agatha’s journal obsessed little sister who craves fame. Marker on bristol board.


A philosopher and a lonely soul. Alcohol Marker on bristol board