Medieval Turn Shoes


This was another “whim” project. I got to thinking “how hard could shoes be?” Well, the answer is not as hard as you think…but definitely not a breeze. I wouldn’t say these shoes were a rousing success, but I will say I learned a ton about cobbling from it. I made a duct tape pattern off of my foot. Transferred it to paper and then to the leather. Ideally you’d stitch this shoe inside out and then turn it right side out (hence the name “turn shoes”). My leather was too thick for that, thats why all the panels are stitched together with a criss-cross leather stitch. The shoes lasted about 2 years of abuse but unfortunately because the stitching on the sole, (though recessed) was exposed, the abuse and wear and tear I put them through eventually wore through the thread and the sole came off. In the future I’ll plan to make the thread internal. I also quite like the outside stitching aesthetic wise, I might keep that unless a more durable and attractive option presents¬†

Final Product

Duct Tape Pattern

note to self, don’t do this sitting down. I accidentally patterned the shaft of the shoe angled just every so lightly back and I felt like when I stood up in the shoes the leather was trying to push on the area where my shin meets my foot. Wasn’t very comfortable.¬†

Paper Pattern/Tape up

Cutting out the leather


Side Lacing